• Dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness
  • Hair removal device for the face and body
  • 90% reduction in hair after 8 sessions*
  • 300,000 flashes guaranteed, no recharging battery packs needed
  • No UV, moderate fluency
  • 5 light intensity levels
  • Skin contact sensor for maximum safety
  • 3cm 3wide applicator screen to speed up the treatment
  • Gliss mode for more speed
  • Manual mode for more precision
  • Homelight Connected app to maximize effectiveness
  • Quartz Technology
  • The Quartz lamp has a very long shelf life that even allows you to achieve more comprehensive programs. So feel free to share it with your loved ones
BABYLISS Homelight Essential G973PSDE

Tested under dermatological control

  • Homelight Pistol is safe for your skin. It emits no UV rays and causes the gradual falling of hairs only by the action of heat from the bulb. This reliable technology was intended for use in the comfort of your home.

Tailor-made to the specific characteristics of your skin

  • The light intensity can be adjusted to your skin type. A built-in guide lets you choose from 5 levels of intensity that are proposed for phototypes I to V (see table), thus providing for a treatment suited to your skin's sensitivity.

Maximum safety

  • The device is equipped with a contact sensor, the flashes only fire once the Homelight Pistol is perfectly positioned on your skin, thus protecting your eyes from the light.