Introducing the BISSELL air220 Air Purifier. This product packs powerful indoor air purifying power into a simplistic and sleek machine, bringing form and function together in your home. The unique design is apparent in the air220’s clean lines and smooth edges. Underneath the sleek design you’ll find three layers of filtration, including an activated carbon filter and a Medical Grade H13 HEPA + pre?filter that captures hair, dust, pollen, dander, home and pet odours, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This air purifier is a powerful machine you’d expect from BISSELL, a trusted homecare brand. The air220 has a soft?touch dial that lets you control both fan speed and power. It has a discrete cord wrap on the back and filters that can be accessed from the front panel, so you can keep it against a wall in your home. Tested to AHAM standard to filter rooms of 26 m providing 4.8 air changes per hour, or one turn every 12 minutes. Filters 31 m with four air changes per hour. Filters 63 m with two air changes per hour. Filters 127 m with one air change per hour. Great for medium bedrooms, living areas, basements, and dining rooms. You’ve trusted BISSELL to clean and care for the floors and surfaces in your home. Now, let us clean your air!


■ Captures cooking and pet odours

■ 3 Stages of Filtration

■ Automated CirQulate system technology

■ Whisper Quiet operation and automated night mode

■ Where form meets function.

Warranty 2 Years