Our Most Powerful Cordless Clipper with durable all-metal bottom housing!

Get quality results with our most powerful motor, designed with our Precision Fade Blade that glides through the thickest of hair like a hot knife through butter. Can be adjusted to true zero-overlap!

The 5 Star Cordless Senior is a one of a kind clipper with it’s precision fade blades, metal bottom housing and cord/cordless capabilities. It’s powerful rotary motor results in consistent power to tackle thick hair. The 2191 blades are adjustable with zero-overlap capabilities. The 5 Star Cordless Senior offers a high quality lithium-ion battery with 80 minute run time per charge and it’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand for easy maneuverability..


Precision Fade Blade : this unique blade results in a very blunt, straight, clean precision cut, making it a must-have for all barbers!

Lithium Ion Technology : giving you 70 minutes of cordless run time off a 120 minute charge

■ Known as the ultimate Fading tool, the Senior is perfect for on-scalp fading, bulk removal and precision cutting

Battery : Lithium Ion Battery

■ Blade set : Surgical Blade with taper lever, fixed

Operation time : 80 min Li-Ion

Charge time : 120 Minutes

Top Blade Width : 46mm

Cutting length : 0.5 – 1.2 mm

■ Mains operating time – cord/cordless

■ Drive : DC motor, 7000 RPM